Water Sector Services

Water Sector Services

Full service water resource solutions, water distribution and waste water management

Full service Water solutions for rivers, canals and dykes, coasts and waterways planning; water distribution to waste water management - our water resource solutions are end-to-end

Water sector DPR, feasibility studies and reports

  • Water governance Institutional and organisation development , Stakeholder management
  • Environmental studies / EIAs, planning procedures
  • Feasibility studies and financial costing
  • Stakeholders and communication, Institutional development

Water Infrastructure Engineering

  •  Design of dykes, levees, locks 
  •  Design of canals and canal structures, inland canal / waterways
  •  Fish migration structures 
  •  Hydraulic structures and pumping systems
  •  Urban water supply, sewer, treatment and drainage systems
  • Geo-technical engineering: Dike stability, Piping, Settlement, Sheet pile construction
  • Urban water supply, sewerage systems, drainage
  • Drinking water treatment and Waste water treatment plants
  • Industrial water treatment and usage

Solutions for River Basin, Canals, Coastal and Dykes

  • Integrated river basin and catchment management
  • Engineering of canals, dikes and hydraulic structures
  • Coastal planning and engineering
  •  River and canal navigation control systems 
  • Data management and GIS and real time water quality monitoring
  • Hydro-dynamic modelling
  • Asset Management
  • Water stewardship program for private sector clients
  • River and morphology modelling, sediment modelling

Flood risk management

  • Flood Risk Mapping, Flood Forecasting and Warnings
  • Evacuation Management, Policy assessments, Decision Support system
  • Dike safety and risk mapping
  • Design of defense height and embankment protection

Water, nature and spatial planning:

  • Water and Spatial Planning
  • Water policy assessments
  • Ecology, ecological planning
  • Water Retention and Nature conservation
  • Hydrology and hydrological modelling 
  • Morphology and sediments wetlands
  • Groundwater modelling and prediction