Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Smart solutions for the development of urban and industrial areas worldwide, leveraged in India to full potential

Antea Group has recommended several smart solutions for the development of urban and industrial areas across the world. The experience will be leveraged in India to full potential.

Urban Planning enhances quality of life  

Cities in all parts of the world face mounting challenges such as population shifts, inadequate or aging infrastructure and urban sprawls. Metropolitan cities in India have grown beyond unimaginable proportions.

Urban Planning division of Antea Group is led by a Team that has contributed to India’s large and prime industrial and urban areas.  The overall impact of such projects is contributing significantly to India’s future.

Antea group provides services for:

  • Master Plan for Smart integrated City
  • Development of Zonal / Sector Plans in GIS
  • Redevelopment plans for existing urban areas
  • Urban /Industrial area infrastructure planning
  • Logistics parks & Dry Port planning
  • Market research & strategy / Business planning
  • Feasibility & Due Diligence
  • Investment advisory for industrial/ urban hubs
  • Project Management Consultancy