Contributing to development & growth with a keen eye on climate change and Environment

Responsible contributors to the ecological & developmental growth model with environment impact studies and climate change management solutions.

8 EIA studies - critical to the linkage of the remote extremes of India to commercial hubs

The world’s development agenda can be sustained only with due consideration to the ecological and climate change footprint. Antea Group serves as a responsible contributor to economic development while ensuring the ecological balance.

Antea Group plays a key role in mitigating the infrastructure development impact in the socio-cultural dynamics, policy and regulation, the ecological value chain, and most importantly the resettlement of humans and their ecosystems in the region.

We ensure that an area under development is on the basis of scientifically backed Environmental Impact Assessment studies, Detailed Project Reports, resource conservation and efficiency, climate change impact, disaster risk management, soil and waste management to name a few.

The world is moving towards a circular economy and we are prime players in this.

EIA studies for Shillong-Meghalaya4-lane Expressway